World Hunger Offering



Hunger is a world issue, and we're fighting it together. 

According to the United Nations Hunger Map, 957 million people across 93 countries do not have enough to eat.  COVID-19  and climate disasters have made this world issue even more extreme.

God instructs us to feed them.

"...share your food with the hungry..." Isaiah 58:7

Fight hunger with us.

Give to our year-long offering to change the lives of people around the corner and across the globe.

Learn more about the World Hunger Offering, where gifts go, and what you can do to help. 

Focus on World Hunger

Though Bon Air Baptist Church (BABC) focuses on hunger throughout the year, we take time each October to focus on World Hunger by providing information and resources as well as connections to partners who are addressing this issue as  God instructs us.

Give All Year 

The World Hunger offering at BABC is a year-long offering. Gifts provide for the food needs of people around the world throughout the year.

Where Does the Money Go?

50% goes to the Baptist General Association of Virginia (BGAV) and then to local, domestic, and international partners.

50% stays at BABC to feed the homeless, stock local food pantries, and support our partners.

Our Strategic Partners

We give a lot of thought and consideration when choosing each of our partners. Learn more about our partners and why we chose them:

  • Baptist General Association of VA (BGAV)
  • BABC Food Pantry
  • Bridging RVA
  • Richmond Public Schools
  • Shalom Farms

Pray About It

Global hunger is a kingdom-sized problem—a problem so big that sometimes, it's hard to know how to pray. 

Pray with us daily throughout the month around World Hunger issues. 

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